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If you have an idea that you want to protect, obtaining a patent might be your best option.  Sherif Guindi is licensed to practice in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  As long as your invention or method is novel (new) and unobvious, you can protect it with a patent.  Your invention or method will be published for the world to see, but you will retain exclusive rights to make, sell, or import your invention or to use your method within the United States for 20 years.  You can make, sell, or import your invention or use your method, yourself, or you can license others to do so and charge them a fee.  If someone infringes on your patent, you can sue them for damages.


Mr. Guindi is excited about helping innovative inventors bring their ideas to the public.  You have a right to protect your ideas and might do a great deal of good by sharing them with the world.

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Protect your ideas.

Experience.  Dedication.  Diligence.  Helping you contribute to world at large.




  • Criminal Defense                  

  • Divorce

  • Child Custody

  • ​Juvenile Court

  • ​Child Support

  • ​Orders of Protection

  • ​Patents

  • ​General Civil Litigation

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