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Sherif Guindi will help you through a difficult time.  Divorce is often the worst thing that happens to a person.  Divorces can and should be worked out in a way that treats everyone fairly, especially when there are children involved, but, sometimes it turns into fight.  That is when you need an effective lawyer on your side.


Sherif Guindi brings his knowledge and experience to aid his clients when their marriage has broken appart.  A divorce does not just involve legal issues, though those issues are complex and important.  A divorce often pivots on concerns of fairness to someone that you still care about.  Most importantly, when there are children involved, their safety, welfare, and happiness are of upmost importance.


Unfortunately, a divorce is full of hard feelings, and your spouse may not always listen to reason.  When the time comes for a fight, Mr. Guindi defends his clients from attack and goes on the offensive to fight for his clients' rights.  A divorce is never easy, but whether you want to reach a settlement with your spouse or fight for what is fair for you or what is best for your children, Mr. Guindi will represent you zealously.



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